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Top 7 Sicilian Sweet Pastries

Top 7 Sicilian Sweet Pastries

The cake and pastries are a true delight when they are served at the right time. A range of Sicilian pastries can be the best dessert you will try out while traveling. We have a list of the ten most popular Sicilian pastries that you must try out. Have fun learning about these fulfilling delights.

Top 7 Sicilian Sweet Pastries


Cannoli is a crispy tube that comes with a ricotta cheese cream filling. It makes the pastry even more appealing. This creamy crunch has become the best-known dessert for tourists. It is believed that cannoli was first made in the 9th century around Palermo when Sicily was a part of the Arab empire.


Genovesi is one of the traditional pastries from Sicilian that is made of milky custard cream or ricotta cream. It is also one of the alternatives for cannoli and is originated from the village of Erice. It is prepared with flour, butter, sugar, egg and sometimes has the essence of grated lemon.

Top 7 Sicilian Sweet Pastries


Cassatelle is a deep-fried pastry that has two layers wrapping up a sugary filling. The layers are made of dough mixed with white wine or Marsala. It may taste like a sweet ravioli dish. Cassatelle was made traditionally with a lemon-flavored filling that has cheese and chocolate drops. The dish originates from eh Sicilian province of Trapani.


You may guess from the name that the dish is going to be crispy when you bite it. It is similar to bread with a crunchy crust. Crespelle can have different ingredients to make it sweet or savory. It is made in different shapes like rings, strips, balls, etc. You can get them with the street vendors and try them out hot.


Ciarduna is a traditional-style pastry that is produced in Palermo. Ciarduna is made with vanilla, sugar, baking powder, crushed almonds, and lard. You can smell the almonds stuck on the surface, and the inside is filled with ricotta cheese or mascarpone.

Testa di Turco

These special sweet pastries are creamy and puffy bites that are baked in the shape of a turban. They are topped with honey or ricotta cream. Testa di Turco is considered a symbol of the head and stems from the Crusades era. Despite having a weird history, these cream puffs are the best when they are a mouthful.

Top 7 Sicilian Sweet Pastries


Collorelle is a dish that originated from Caltagirone. It is a sweet pastry that is made with flour, sugar, lard, and water. Then the dough is rolled and cut into strips. These strips are filled with sweets, almonds, nutmeg, cinnamon, and eggs. Some of the variants may also have a hint of lemon juice.

All these sweet pastries can be found in Italy’s local bakeries and in the finest restaurants. You can try them out one by one of the packs, a collection of all to have them when you get back to your room. In any way, these pastries will surprise you with flavors and creaminess.